TIKS Automation solves the most challenging offshore operations challenges for the largest, most prolific drilling and production rigs. Offshore production is one of the most capital intensive, safety-critical manufacturing operations in the oil and gas industry, with challenges that include remote locations, deep water, extreme environments and a host of safety and reliability requirements and regulations that must be fulfilled. Efficiency, repeatability, and safety are of paramount importance through the entire life cycle of offshore production platforms, from conception to design to start up and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and support.

From automation for metering units like LACT or allocation skids to fully integrated controls and IT systems from the top sides to the ballast and everything in between, TIKS Automation delivers comprehensive technology capabilities for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our team’s attention to safety and quality sets us apart from the competition while our track record of zero recordable events with hundreds of thousands of hours spent offshore speaks to our understanding of the work environment and our commendable commitment to safety.

Our comprehensive solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas include:

  • Offshore Production Solutions
  • Standards and best practices development
  • Automation project management
  • Process control systems design, implementation, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Electronic shutdown systems
  • Third-party integration
  • Subsea integration
  • Network and systems design
  • Communications: unit-to-unit, rig-to-shore, rig-to-support vessels
  • Safety & Reliability Solutions
  • Gas detection system development
  • Control and safety systems with redundant processors, power supplies, and communications
  • Automated system backup for disaster recovery
  • Historian design and implementation
  • Comprehensive documentation with electronic Operating and Maintenance Manual

Offshore Production

Onshore Production

TIKS Automations delivers safe, optimized design, installation and support solutions for onshore oil and gas. TIKS Automation utilizes unique technologies and implements highly-custom solutions.Along with our SCADA as a Service model, our solutions include:

  • Intelligent Well Control
  • Gas Measurement/Custody Transfer
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Secure, Web-Based Hosting
  • Off-the-Grid Solar Power
  • Pipelines

TIKS Automation industry leading Midstream Pipeline experts provide safe, reliable automation solutions — backed by the latest industrial IT and EDS technology. TIKS Automation offers a wide range of consulting and management of services around automation systems used in pipelines to help to maintain and enhance the safety of pipeline assets and applications. With our experienced staff of automation and IT we are able to provide complete solutions including:

  • Metering
  • Pumping
  • Storage
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Industrial IT