Storage and

TIKS Automation team of consultants, engineers, and project managers help terminal operators design efficient new facilities and improve existing ones. Our fully integrated solutions for Terminal Facilities are used to automate, measure, record, and report all transfers and exchanges that take place during the movement of product throughout the product life cycle. By combining operations technology into customizable solutions to meet the operators’ specific needs, TIKS Automation helps expedite the billing process, improve productivity, reduce loss, and remove the risk of costly human errors.

TIKS Automation supplies operations technology solutions for Terminal Facilities. From the initial evaluation of your Terminal Automation System (TAS) to vendor selection and programming to complete integration of Order Management, transaction storage, and ERP system interfaces, TIKS Automation has the expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that are in budget and beyond expectations.

TIKS Automation solutions for Terminal Facilities include:

  • Terminal security
  • Loading sequence control
  • Inventory management
  • Load rack equipment control
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Order management
  • Customized reporting and KPI development
  • Allocation management
  • Transactions storage
  • Custody transfer flow measurement, including extensive flow computer experience across multiple vendors
  • Auditing services