System Configuration and Programming

Our staff of control system engineers provides clients assistance during all phases of the project. From consulting during the initial project conception through start-up, TIKS Automation provides the expertise to ensure success. These services provide the specification and development of robust system architecture to include the primary control system, as well as, auxiliary systems such as safety interlock, analytical, data historian and process control network TIKS Automation assist clients create the most effective and operator-friendly control systems. Our wide-range of controls and systems engineering services and vendor-neutral methodology ensure the most successful projects and solutions. Services include:

PLC Programming: When it comes to Logic and Controls, TIKS Automations tools and standards are high above the rest. Client’s take advantage of our experience and expertise for all their PLC programming projects.

HMI Development: TIKS Automation works with clients to develop high-performance standards and design. Our HMI philosophy guarantees an intuitive design to streamline operator response. We take much into consideration, from consistency of design across assets down to the lighting in the environment.

DCS Migration: Our experts have the broad experience to understand all the moving parts within a migration. By taking a look at all that is affected, we assure that all existing data is cut over exactly or improved. We look at all the technology in place and advice for improvements and opportunities to optimize data cut over, data fidelity and ways to minimize downtime.

SCADA Services: Business decisions are only as good as the data on which they are based. In the energy industry, business units within the same organization often operate independently and rely on data from disparate sources due to geographic or corporate constraints. TIKS Automations SCADA services bridge these internal barriers and help companies make better business decisions by disseminating near real-time data throughout an organization.

TIKS Automation assists companies in every stage of SCADA development, from system evaluation and design to implementation, remediation and field support. With our vendor-neutral approach to SCADA services, we help you select the best system for your operations by providing unbiased evaluations of competing technologies. We then work with organizations to design and implement systems that solve their particular challenges using proven technologies implemented with industry best practices in mind.

Alarm Management

An effective Alarm Management program improves operations and reduces risk by minimizing the potential for, and consequences of, human error due to information overload. In hazardous working environments, particularly in the energy industry, it’s imperative that your alarm and HMI philosophies are closely aligned, but this is not easily achieved.

Proper Alarm Management and Alarm Rationalization take the work of individuals who truly understand both the processes being monitored and operators’ requirements. TIKS Automation align our approach to Alarm Management to deliver the following services

  • Development of Alarm Philosophy
  • Definition of HMI philosophy
  • Alarm Integration into the HMI
  • Alarm Documentation and Rationalization
    • Alarm management project facilitation
    • Alarm design consulting
    • Master alarm database revision or creation
    • Management of Change origination and assistance
    • Alarm change implementation
    • Training
  • Measurement and Documentation of all improvements
    • Custom reporting
    • Real Time Process System
    • KPI development
Safety instrumented systems (SIS)

TIKS Automation offers experienced, in-house resources to manage process safety projects using a lifecycle approach necessary for compliance to current industry standards. These services are based upon proven methodologies for addressing the design, operation, maintenance, testing and change management associated with safety instrumented systems (SIS) as defined by the current industry standards ANSI/IEC-61511 and ISA-84. No matter which approach, our engineers are available to provide leadership, facilitation and engineering services associated a complete SIS solution.

TIKS provides engineering and consulting services that not only address the safety instrumented systems, but an overall plant security program. These activities focus on identifying potential hazards, and through risk assessment and mitigation, help to reduce the likelihood of events which may negatively impact a plant in terms of environment, personnel health and safety, and asset protection. Just as process and industrial safety and security are crucial to the safe operation of any plant or worksite, cyber-security has become a necessity in today’s technology-driven marketplace.

TIKS Automation had documented experience in achieving compliance with the applicable industry and client specific functional safety standards by working closely with their clients. TIKS prides itself in its ability to understand and adapt to the processes unique to a client’s safety system programs. Participating with the client’s Process Safety Management groups, we integrate the client’s methods into the TIKS SIS process and in many cases provide validation for management. TIKS provide the following safety related services:

  • PHA/LOPA Gap Analysis
  • Facilitate Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Determination. Calculations and Verification
  • Safety Instrument Function (SIF) Identification
    • Cause and Effect Matrix (CEM)
    • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • System Reliability / Availability Studies
  • Detailed Engineering (Software and field design)
  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • Complete Lifecycle Documentation & Validation Methods
  • Proof Test Procedures / Testing Cycles
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT/SAT)

Commissioning / Start-up / Hot-Cutover Support


Liquid and Gas Expertise: When it comes to liquid and gas measurement, accuracy is essential, as measurements can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. TIKS Automation  has the experience and expertise to help clients process and account all measurement results accurately and efficiently.

Custody Transfer Flow Measurement: From the wellhead to reporting, TIKS Automation  provides a complete solution for today’s flow measurement challenges. TIKS Automation understands the key main points involved in this process and works with clients to apply the newest technologies to improve overall production. Working closely with our clients, we develop the processes to enhance performance and reliability at a lower cost.

Terminal Automation System: TIKS Automation engineers will assist you design efficient new facilities and improve existing ones. We assist clients perform site audits and identify potential improvements in their terminals that result in significant lifecycle savings. We also offer turnkey services, including commissioning and startup. TIKS Automation will assist in your evaluation of TAS and ensure that everything is tailored to your requirements and budget.

Benefits of Terminal Automation System:

  • Improves Productivity
  • Reduces Loss
  • Prevents Accidents & Improves Safety
  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Expedites Billing Process
  • Enhances Product Security

Auditing Services:

  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Application configuration
  • Calculation checks/verification
Instrumentation/Electrical Engineering

Transmission Engineering

  • Transmission line design
  • Design of structures
  • Staking tables, conductor sag and tension charts
  • Overhead static wire design with fiber optic communications
  • Grounding design
  • Electric utility interconnection design
  • Construction documentation packages
  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Calculations
  • B/M
  • Material & equipment
  • Specifications
  • Requests for quotations
  • Bid tab and recommendations
  • Submittal review
  • Procurement services

Substation Engineering

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual layouts
  • Relay and control engineering and commissioning capabilities
  • Grounding system analysis and design
  • Direct strike lighting protection analysis and design
  • Construction documentation packages
    • Drawings
    • Specifications
    • Calculations
    • B/M
  • Material & equipment
    • Specifications
    • Requests for quotations
    • Bid tab and recommendations
    • Submittal review
      • Procurement services

Distribution Engineering

Electrical distribution design

  • Metal clad switchgear
  • Metal enclosed switchgear
  • Motor control center
  • Transformers
  • UPS and Back-up Generators
  • Conductors and raceway systems
  • System protection and coordination
  • Short circuit and load flow studies
  • Arc Flash studies
  • Power factor correction studies
  • Project and construction management
  • Construction documentation packages
    • Drawings
    • Specifications
    • Calculations
    • B/M
  • Material & equipment
    • Specifications
    • Requests for quotations
    • Bid tab and recommendations
    • Submittal review
    • Procurement services


Instrumentation and Control System Engineering

Instrumentation Specification

  • ISA type Spec sheets
  • Control Valve Sizing
  • Flow device sizing – orifice plates, flowmeters, etc.
  • Installation Details
  • Requests for quotations
  • Bid tab and recommendations

Control System Specification

  • Network Configuration/Architecture Diagram
  • Panel Hardware Specification
  • Panel layouts, wiring diagrams, power distribution diagrams, etc.

Construction Documentation Packages

  • Drawings including instrument/electrical location plans, equipment layouts, tray and conduit routing/details, embedded conduit plans/sections/details, loop drawings, schematic/control wiring interconnections, hazardous area classifications, heat trace, lighting plans/details, plant alarm systems
  • Conduit and Cable Schedules
  • B/M
Field Installation and Maintenance

Effective project management is the key to quality performance and safe project delivery. Construction Management personnel are professionals who have proven their ability through safe and successful completion of numerous engineering and construction projects around the world. TIKS Automation has the capability and foresight to manage projects from conception to completion.

TIKS staff is ideally suited for the development and implementation of complex projects, yet able to maintain the flexibility to execute any specific assignment. The project team approach utilized by TIKS provides optimum efficiency and effectiveness for fulfilling the construction management needs of our clients. The support systems are designed to provide information related to cost, schedule, and quality control. This information provides both accurate and timely assessment of performance.

TIKS Automation provides the following installation services:

  • Substation & Transformer Installations
  • Low, Medium and High Voltage Switchgear
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation & Testing
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Lighting & Facility Utility Services Requirements
  • All levels of field supervision
  • Grounding Systems
  • Cable Tray, Tray Cable and Tech Cable Systems
  • Conduit & Wiring
  • Continuity, Megger & HI Pot Testing
  • Welding associated with Electrical Installations
  • Loop & Function Testing
  • Pre-commissioning Checks and Start Up & Commissioning Services
  • On-going maintenance


IT Services

TIKS Automations is a pioneer in design-build specializing in IT Infrastructure architecture and procurement services.

Mechanical Engineering

TIKS Automations has a brilliant record in responding to complex customer requirements.

Oil & Gas

We work to reduce air emissions associated with our operations and the products we deliver.