Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS) occupies the space between Automation and Industrial IT. The focus of EDS is the integration and delivery of real-time data throughout an organization.

Business decisions, at best, are only as good as the data on which they are based. Business units often operate independent of one another, utilizing various datasets from multiple disparate sources. EDS aims to make real-time data accessible to all business functions, going beyond the plant or pipeline control room.

EDS aims to deliver real-time data first by leveraging technologies and processes which currently reside within the enterprise but are not being fully utilized, thus achieving greater functionality and integration using existing technology.

  • ERP and MES integration
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Database integration and enhancements
  • Advanced report development
  • Secure application hosting
  • Cloud computing
  • SOA programming
  • Control room management
  • Functional design specification development
  • Alarm management and rationalization
  • SCADA system development
  • SCADA as a Service


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TIKS Automations is a pioneer in design-build specializing in IT Infrastructure architecture and procurement services.

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TIKS Automations has a brilliant record in responding to complex customer requirements.

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We work to reduce air emissions associated with our operations and the products we deliver.